i spent thursday night taking photos of snmnmnm on the beautiful campus of the university of north carolina in chapel hill. i’m just kidding, i don’t think it’s really that beautiful. but we were in the very-cool art building, in basically a huge white room (painting department). we luckily caught it right before they were putting up a new display, so there was nothing on the walls and there was nothing in the space. unfortunately for you guys, the pictures of the band are under wraps (for now), but fortunately for you guys, you can see an adorable picture of the photographers! maggie was shooting film, i was shooting digital. she’s the trained one. we are also in the same bike gang.

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2 Responses to celebrity

  1. mika says:

    dang girls. so navy, so sassy!

  2. apheckel says:

    color co-ordinated!

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