shing shing

i’ve been pretty much anti-big-sunglasses for a while. i have a distaste for fancy celebrities. i also have a small face. but, unfortunately, i have lost every single pair of sunglasses ever, and chrissy is a convincing lady, and i broke down at target and got some. leaps and bounds! i’ve even been wearing them consistently! other things i have been doing consistently: riding my bike, watching lots of tv, dominating food, wanting to go to the beach. this is shaping up to be a pretty good summer. i will be tubing next weekend, after that who knows! smashing pumpkins is playing 9 dates over in asheville, and if i am lucky at all i will be able to get tickets. !!! is in a little over a week. osiris’s birthday is soon and i don’t have a plan for it yet but that’s ok i don’t need to plan it always. that aside, i’m having a pretty good time. you’re invited.

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3 Responses to shing shing

  1. lovely… i am going to the v fest. you should come. sp in ashville nine days ? so werid… i miss you.

  2. apheckel says:

    are you going to see sp? ticketing got all wacked out for it! i would love to go, though. i am thinking about 6/30. i miss you too! what is v fest? are you coming down for !!!? love!

  3. i am not going to !!!, everything is sooo much. virgin music fest is in baltimore in aug. pumpkins will be there ,and a many many many more. i miss you

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