zine ideas, chapter 1

kathryn higgins and i spent some time today talking about a zine she apparently promised me about pugs. i don’t even remember requesting such a thing, but i am absolutely positive she’s not kidding about it.

so then we started talking about pictures of pugs on the internet. the order of popularity of photos on the internet goes in the following order: pugs, then boobs, then vaginas. of course, this is not true. take your moderate safe search off and find the truth.

then we brainstormed a little about a good story idea. actually it started more as a “what if” situation (as most stories do) and moved on from there. the premise was: “what if there was someone so bad at the internet that they couldn’t find any pictures of pugs?” it moved on to how i think my grandma would probably not know how to find pictures of pugs on the internet, but i think she could even figure it out pretty fast. the mental image (at least mine) goes something like this: person sits down at the computer, she is presumably a computer owner, uses the computer pretty regularly, and decides she would really like to see some pictures of pugs to cheer herself up. she clicks around aimlessly, somehow missing all 70 trillion websites about pugs in cyberspace. she gets more and more frustrated and gives up. the most important points here are that a) she is not a total beginner (as my grandma is) and b) she somehow misses that she can google image search “pugs” and get about 35,900 results (a flickr search for “pugs” turns up 55,590 photos). i also think it is notable that even in my mental image, this terribly inept interneter is a woman. i think that’s mainly because i have trouble thinking of a man so obsessed with pugs.

this is sake:

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4 Responses to zine ideas, chapter 1

  1. FQ says:

    you ladies are too much.
    in other pug news, we dog-sat my brother’s pug, magoo, this weekend and he ended up taking a huge crap in my room. and because i’m never at home i found it 1-2 days after the fact. now i want to disinfect my whole life. GROSS.

  2. apheckel says:

    that is quite possibly the most disgusting thing ever. i miss you, dude! what are you doing for memorial day?

  3. FQ says:

    i can’t manage the gmail chat anymore at work — too many vindictive, wandering eyes in this joint. don’t have any memorial day plans yet. but i want to take a vacation in august. i want to take a vacation to see you. let’s coordinate an excursion.

  4. apheckel says:

    there is no rest for the wolf (or whatever woodland animal you are, are you the wolf?) please come see me! i can hold out until august (if i need to). i want to be able to take time off work and walk around town with you, see the sights, take a day-trip to the beach, go tubing, something! i think we can make it happen.

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