lulu is a neurotic creature. she has some agoraphobia and astrapophobia problems. girl can not take going outside on her own and she can not take lightning or thunder. just last night, she spent a solid 2 hours (according to eye witnesses) crouched beneath o’s legs, only occasionally coming out to pace, pant and plead for respite. she could just not get away from the lightning and she could not relax. i have never seen a creature seem so unsafe during a summer storm. i wonder what happened to make her this way.

i wonder what happened, not because i’m concerned for lulu’s wellbeing, but because it greatly affects my ability to photograph her. she will not sit still to get her picture taken. as soon as the lens cover comes off, she is out the door. it’s the reason all the pictures i have of her are of her cornered and terrified. i managed to snap this one with a disposable lomolito, catching her chilling and off her guard.

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2 Responses to post-traumatic

  1. thischarmnggal says:

    i can’t wait for a house with a dog in it! i am so excited!

  2. apheckel says:

    i can’t wait for this house with a dog to have you in it!

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