as the virginia contingent in north carolina slowly dwindles, i’m committed to spending more time with what is left of it.  last night we had a good time.  i am in the process of buying a new cello bow.  and thankfully high strung in durham hooked me up with 2 carbon fiber bows that treated me pretty well.  we played around last night for a good while (a good enough while for me to regret not having any calluses on my fingertips) and i’ve made my decision.  so today i will return and make my purchase.  goodbye, $220.  hello, new bow.

we also played a not very cut-throat game of monopoly, even though i kind of snuck around a little, just to make it more dangerous.  i like danger sometimes.  i also like chillin’.

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  1. Joe Stanton says:

    It can be fairly stressful for a group of friends to disperse, but it can also be a great opportunity to mod your Monopoly board.

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