let me preface this by saying that one miss effkiew is coming to our very own chapel hill the weekend after the anniversary of our country’s independence. this alone is exciting enough (can’t you feel it?). but we’ve decided to just really go for it, trading ideas for restaurants, shopping, parties, basically anything to keep us entertained for 4 days while also allowing us to spend maximum time being our best selves.

farah has a thing for baking, and by “thing” i mean “talent”. she has concocted all sorts of awesome things for all of her lucky friends in the dc metro area. i unfortunately have not been allowed the pleasure of tasting anything she’s baked. this includes, of course, her fabled memorial day hostess with the mostess cupcakes.  they are on the left, below.   on the right, below, is a photo i took just this very afternoon of a mostess cupcake from mad hatters in durham, nc, just 2 tiny blocks from my place of business.

today was my first time going in the shop, and all i really wanted to do was poke around and see what kind of goods they had, i’d already eaten lunch, but i saw the mostess and had to have it. i had to have a comparison for my delicious mental experience of fq’s hostess with the mostesses. i was satisfied almost entirely. the only disappointment in the comparison is that there are 9 cupcakes in her photo and only one measley lonely cupcake in mine. whatever. the creamy center was more of a cream cheesy center (as opposed to farah’s marshmallow fluff center), which suited my needs just fine, and i ate the whole thing in basically 3 bites. then i sat on their nice porch swing in the sun and sweated for the rest of my lunch break while reading the wind-up bird chronicle. totally worthwhile.

hostess with the mostess mostess

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2 Responses to mostes’

  1. thischarmnggal says:

    that cupcake might put mine to shame. shame i tell you!

  2. apheckel says:

    ha, somehow i honestly doubt that. but i mean, i would have to taste yours to really know for certain …

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