strange rectangle

the shape of two people standing on each other’s shoulders.  3 people sharing psychadelic improv.  i purchased myself a new cello bow for a couple hundred dollars – my retort to plane tickets.  if i practice, i might get some better, some closer to where i was for years.  right now i am a pussy on the cello, nowhere near as confident as my strange rectangle counterparts (mark and kyler sharing every instrument but the cello).  the goal was to shoot off into space.  we maybe hovered some.  i heard some moments of liftoff but i personally didn’t get very elevated.  with time, i’m sure.  i still had a good time, and i still will.

scans_Page_057.jpg, originally uploaded by lift off yellow.

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2 Responses to strange rectangle

  1. Doug says:

    Glad you’re refashioning yourself as a celloist. 😉

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