mango, chile

i only took one picture the entire time farah was in town.  not because the weekend wasn’t worth documenting, but mostly because i was too busy experiencing to whip out the camera all the time.  however, on a stiflingly hot saturday early-afternoon, i couldn’t resist showing the world my mango chile locopop.  it was amazing, like the best thai salad and the best popsicle and the best everything all together, also probably the spiciest popsicle you could imagine.

the whole weekend was the spiciest popsicle you could imagine.

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5 Responses to mango, chile

  1. says:

    i want to try this thing.

    and i was happy to be involved in your weekend, if only for a second.

  2. apheckel says:

    if i could find a way to keep locopops frozen all the way from here to norfolk i would bring you some. in the meantime, you should just come down here.

    i’m glad you were part of my weekend too, and i regret not pounding a bunch of coffee to stay awake. poor, poor pitiful me.

  3. thischarmnggal says:

    thanks for housing us, atlanta – your house is beautiful!

    chile… whew.

  4. Becky says:

    Ohhh, I have never experienced the mango/chili mix yet…read about it in a novel. Maybe I can buy you one to get to see you?

  5. apheckel says:

    ha, becky, are you going to party tonight? if you’re partying i’ll see you there.

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