ruptured rapture and mutilated bellybutton

i’ve been on a mixing tear lately, starting back around independence day.  that was followed up by a commission from marky d. for some work-time mixes.  i spent my vacation in south carolina and then some time upon my return to the triumverate working on those.  then, last night, osiris and i attacked a project for joe stanton’s birthday.  it was a challenge, and our approaches to putting songs together are much different.  i work on guts, and pretty quickly.  osiris is really planned, very deliberate and slow.  he’s had more experience than i have.  i tacked the tracklists to the end of this.  beginning, middle and end are all part of the larger marky d. project.  tales from the ship:  [ruptured rapture and] mutilated belly button was the joe stanton birthday joint project.

1.  savath & savalas – intro
2.  the knife – silent shout
3.  cornelius – smoke
4.  charlotte gainsbourg – little monsters
5.  air – space maker
6. david byrne – inexorable
7.  panda bear – comfy in nautica
8.  dead meadow – let’s jump in
9.  built to spill – goin’ against your mind
10.  destroyer – european oils
11.  sparklehorse – don’t take my sunshine away
12.  four tet – a joy
13.  rogue wave – bird on a wire
14.  new buffalo – recovery
15.  the high llamas – checking in checking out
16.  dusty springfield – lost
17.  margo guryan – sunday morning

1.  azure ray – no sign of pain
2.  blonde redhead – spring and by summer fall
3.  four tet – hands
4.  the field – the littel heart beats so fast
5.  ratatat – tropicana
6.  super furry animals – atomik lust
7.  the high llamas – literature is fluff
8.  swan lake – all fires
9.  savath & savalas – estrella de dos caras
10.  david byrne – seaside smokes
11.  el-p – tasmanian pain coaster
12.  roots manuva – sinny sins sins
13.  thom yorke – and it rained all night

1.  sparklehorse – pig
2.  spoon – you got yr. cherry bomb
3.  a band of bees – left foot stepdown
4.  the new pornographers – the bleeding heart show
5.  animal collective – grass
6.  feist – i feel it all
7.  belle & sebastian – there’s too much love
8.  the polyphonic spree – la la
9.  pixies – all over the world
10.  r.e.m. – i don’t sleep, i dream
11.  warren zevon – ain’t that pretty at all
12.  the willowz – something
13.  radiohead – i will (los angeles version)
14.  apparat & ellen allien – retina
15.  jamie lidell – newme

tales from the ship:  [ruptured rapture and] mutilated bellybutton:
1. alan lomax – love my darling-o
2. panda bear – comfy in nautica
3. the walkmen – the blizzard of ’96
4. warren zevon – steady rain
5. charlotte gainsbourg – night-time intermission
6. the gothic archies – we are the gothic archies
7. wire – practice makes perfect
8. blonde redhead – the dress
9. sonic youth – do you believe in rapture?
10. nico – i’m not sayin
11. the zombies – beechwood park
12. guided by voices – as we go up, we go down
13. swan lake – all fires
14. danielson – bloodbook on the halfshell
15. the rabble – golden girl
16. jennifer gentle – i do dream you
17. blonde redhead – loved despite of great faults
18. imperial teen – mr. & mrs.
19. orange juice – blue boy
20. wire – outdoor miner
21. warren zevon – werewolves of london

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5 Responses to ruptured rapture and mutilated bellybutton

  1. says:

    zevon. oh, osiris. jared would be so proud.

  2. apheckel says:

    it’s our summer jam. we are just paying homage.

  3. thischarmnggal says:

    i can’t stop listening to the new spoon album. it’s so wonderful!

  4. apheckel says:

    spoon was actually supposed to be the focal point of tales from the ship:, but in the process we drifted and got distracted. i think we’re going to make an addendum to the original.

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