i’m a little stressed

i keep having these huge, giant yawns that take everything that is inside me and bring it right up to my face. all the energy and exhaustion and oxygen and carbon dioxide, all at once, is right in my face. and i have to look through it all to see anything else. so when i look fog-eyed, you’re just looking at everything that makes a human a human.

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4 Responses to i’m a little stressed

  1. Joe Stanton says:

    Hope you feel less stressed and more naturally oxygenated.

  2. thischarmnggal says:

    tim has left william and mary!

  3. i feel that way oooo, like how do you get un fun k ed

  4. apheckel says:

    joe – i came home from new orleans to a house with a busted air conditioner, i am bleeding sweat!

    farah – what???!!! i need the skinny. who is going to pay for my dinners when they never invited me in the first place now?

    heidi – it’s too hot to get un funked. you need to get a liiiiittle bit funkier first.

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