we reward innovation

osiris, kyler, jessie and i ventured to the local 506 last night for what was, i may argue, the most surprising and incredible show of the season. unfortunately, we were very nearly the only people there not associated directly with one of the 3 bands playing.

the first act was a local girl with a dulcimer, a drummer and an awesome voice, but we only saw one song of hers and i never got her name.

the second act was the unbelievably good dodos from san francisco. when they came out, they had a shins vibe, but after the beginning they really stepped up their game. for buildup and reward, it was the most spectacular duo i’ve seen in a long time (ever). as far as i can tell, they only have one album out, beware the monsters. i’m listening to it right now. meric long is a guitar hero, and a cutie. the drummer, logan kroeber, has a mustache he doesn’t really look like he can support. but through the set he really won my respect, as well as the right to wear whatever kind of facial hair he damn well pleases. the man doesn’t have a bass drum, but instead he has a tambourine taped to his foot. challenge that.

jennifer gentle was, as i had hoped, really playful and fun and adorable. they seemed genuinely disappointed that nobody was at the show, and we tried to be a good audience and interactive, we really did, but there’s only so much 4 people can do in an empty venue. we did buy cds from both bands, for gas money. they were lovably foreign (italian) and really friendly and receptive to us. i can see how o would have come to love them. i’d been really enjoying their last cd, valende, for the last year or so and i intend to enjoy the midnight room. there were live kazoos and a singer with the voice of not one angel, but a whole choir of them.

i would do it again. you missed out.  shame on you, and no kidding.

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3 Responses to we reward innovation

  1. mika says:

    I wanna go back in time and back to an airport and go! I quite enjoy tambourine mod-ing, as well.

  2. apheckel says:

    wordpress flagged your comment as spam!! i guess they think tambourine mod-ing is some sort of kinky sex act? i mean, at least i think it is!

  3. mika says:

    tambourine sex..!!

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