tell them what you want

yesterday, mark, jet and i broke into a coffeeshop pre-opening and made our way to washington, dc, for the sept15 march to end the war.  it helped that it was about the most perfect day imaginable.  it was actually one of the most cohesive protests i’ve been to, with a more distinct message than i’ve seen at one of these big rally/marches.  the only time i was at all uncomfortable, either physically or otherwise, was when the speeches at the rally entered their third hour and we hadn’t moved at all.  but once the group got moving, it was really great.

 mark really stepped it up against a couple of kids who may or may not have been active military.  jet and i had a good time laughing at some of the counter-protesters whose biggest criticism of us seemed to be that hippies smell bad.  also that we’re cowards and traitors and how dare we want to end the war when it’s been keeping us “safe since 9-11”.  but overall the atmosphere was really positive and productively pissed off.  as much as those two can go hand-in-hand.

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2 Responses to tell them what you want

  1. Joe Stanton says:

    Good for you! Did you die?

  2. apheckel says:

    we died, but out of arrest’s way.

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