come with me, go places

i’ve really been enjoying the new new pornographers (the link is for my mom’s reference). i went into it, for one reason or another, thinking i wasn’t really going to enjoy it. i can’t explain these things. i’d heard something somewhere probably that wasn’t entirely glowing. but i’m capable of making up my own mind and i’m typically really accepting. i can like crap nobody else likes sometimes too. i don’t really think that’s necessary though in the case of challengers, to like crap nobody else likes. i think you could like it too.

this album is very challenging, though, not to be overly witty. i keep listening to it to try to understand it and i don’t know if i’ll really get to know it so intimately that it’ll become a classic. it’s not the bends. but it is really enjoyable. pitchfork said something about how it seemed more like the a.c. newman show, but i almost think the complete opposite. i like that danny bejar is kind of cementing his roll as lee ranaldo. “myriad harbour” is weird, doesn’t really fit in, but it has that danny bejar charm that i really like about destroyer. it stops just short of hummable.

neko case is always the biggest gem and i don’t think anybody can reasonably dispute that. her voice is still getting better.

this album has its share of bombast. it frustrates me that they didn’t include lyrics in the liner notes, or even song credits, because i really think they would come in handy. it really makes me curious but when i tried to read along from the internet i got frustrated and gave up. not that these guys don’t enunciate. they do, i just want the shortcut and i think that it would help me make more sense of the music if i had the words. they wrote them, it’s just respectful to read them. that’s the whole recipe.

there’s also a feeling of reserved fervency. it comes off as noble, almost, but i can also appreciate just an over-the-top anthem. none of these songs are that. “my rights versus yours” is pretty big. “unguided” has a charming looping, circular chorus that i really like. i think that part of the challenge is that they were palpably trying to make it feel more like a team effort. they’re playing with size and perspective and it’s still fucking with me. so it’s hard to grasp the truth, but i’m having a good time.

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5 Responses to come with me, go places

  1. effkiew says:

    neko’s “gem-iness” on that album simply can’t be disputed.

  2. apheckel says:

    it can never be disputed! i plan on going to see the new pornographers in asheville in october. (update: i wrote that and decided to just go ahead and get tickets so it doesn’t sell out like the animal collective show at cat’s cradle that i’m still sore about). it’s been making me feel good all day to like this album so much. there is going to be so much good material to choose from! i don’t have any idea whether neko will be with them. my guess is no.

  3. effkiew says:

    yeah. i completely missed out on my chance to see them up here. it’s okay though because if she didn’t show up i would be sore about it anyway.

  4. apheckel says:

    did it sell out already? i think they’re playing 9:30 the day before they come to asheville. that, or you’re more than welcome to come down here and go to asheville with us :). it’s a sunday night so we were going to take off monday and spend the night there.

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