kit for kat

notice up front: this post will be long.

i can only hope that any of you have felt love for a friend the way i feel love for doug. he is a friend among the most incredible friends of all time – in fact, we might actually be dangermouse and penfold. if for some reason i haven’t talked to you or you haven’t been listening, doug has been in japan for the last 2 years and change. he’s working over in gifu, telling people what other people are telling them.

anyway, the point and the purpose is that doug invited me many months ago to his big sister’s wedding. of course, i accepted. how could i not act as a beard to the one person who means so much to me? and not only did he invite me to a party! he also brought me NINE FLAVORS OF KIT KATS. we sat down this weekend, after the ceremony, reception and post-reception margaritas and dug right into them. first one, then 8 more. then we decided how we felt about each one. would you like to know how we felt about each one? let me tell you.

we’ll do this in list form. from bottom to top, here’s the deal:

9. orange and chocolate. this was genuinely disgusting. it was the worst part of the orange combined with the worst part of the chocolate. it was like they scraped the bottom of a big vat of hershey’s special dark that’d been melted and re-formed about 500 times and combined the scrapings with orange rinds and the gross white veins that hold the pulp together.

8. bitter. as the name suggests, except certainly no more bitter than the orange and chocolate. this was like the vat of special dark, except only melted and re-formed a couple of times.

7.  cherry blossom.  this one did taste floral, i’ll give it that.  it was the first one i tasted, and maybe that had something to do with why i wasn’t all the way into it.  the white chocolate wasn’t as creamy as it could’ve been, and as a result the whole thing took on a strange yogurt-covered feel.  i’m not a big yogurt-covered fan.  but the flavor wasn’t all the way bad.

6.  vanilla bean.  the vanilla beans are not nearly as visible as they make them seem on the packaging.  then again – we had been drinking for about 7 hours at this point (so forgive all the shitty photos).  anyway, it’s not nearly as good as the vanilla ice cream with the little black specks in it (which won c.edwards a trip to amsterdam, for those of you familiar).  and again, the white chocolate was not up to par, and the vanilla flavor wasn’t strong enough.  but it was tolerable. 

5.  chesnut.  this one wasn’t too bad at all.  it did have a nutty flavor that wasn’t quite like hazlenut, but i don’t eat too many chesnut-flavored things, so i can’t say with certainty that it even really tasted like chesnuts.  but i enjoyed it.  actually, i think i might go back and revisit this one (i have 3 sticks of each flavor left at home that i plan on sharing with mister).  doug wasn’t too fond of this one.  he didn’t elaborate on why, he just said “meh”.

4.  green tea and milk.  i was only okay with this one for the same reason i was only okay with the green tea locopop.  it tasted more like the powder for a green tea frappucino than actual green tea.  the flavor wasn’t bad, but the texture and the whole experience wasn’t that great.  doug liked it, but i think he’s been eating this flavor for a while and knew what to expect.  i think i expected more out of a kit kat from japan than out of a popsicle in durham.  who knows?  for the record, from what i could tell, the filling was the same in all of them.  i will go back and investigate this further, as well.

3.  cantaloupe.  by far the flavor i was anticipating the most.  only i didn’t really have the expectation that it was going to be good.  and it wasn’t really good, but i was amazed that they could get a kit kat to smell straight up like a cantaloupe.  they really got the smell down, but the flavor just tasted strange.  it was still chocolate, but it smelled like cantaloupe.  and it kind of tasted like … i don’t know what it tasted like.  3 day old fruit salad?  but not rotten?  anyway, i was impressed by the technology, mostly, and doug wasn’t too moved. 

2.  kiwi fruit.  by far the most exciting packaging, which gave it points.  it didn’t taste anything like kiwi at all, but it did taste like every sanrio candy i’ve ever had, so i gave it points for making me nostalgic for 9th grade.  also, it really was pretty delicious.  finally, the chocolate was smooth and sweet, the way i’d expect a kit kat to be.  doug said it tasted like how every kiwi candy in japan tastes.  which i guess is like watermelon candy here, but i don’t like the flavor they say is watermelon.  why is it sour?  anyway.

1.  white chocolate with hokkaido milk.  really delicous.  i would’ve probably eaten the whole thing, even though all i’d been doing all day was filling my belly with assorted foods and drinks.  finally a white chocolate that was silky and nice and not waxy or powdery.  and it wasn’t really disgusting sweet, like white chocolate you get at wythe.  it was like sweet milk, like that not-too-sweet hand-whipped cream.  it was just overall really good.  doug also prepped me by saying it was the best one, but i don’t think that really made a difference.  it was the shit.  look at all the thumbs!

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10 Responses to kit for kat

  1. Holy crap that’s awesome! Can Doug send me some Kit Kats?

    I just finished Candyfreak by Steve Almond, which I highly recommend. It made me buy all four of the Five Star Chocolate Bars yesterday at Balducci’s and eat 1.5 bars for lunch. I think I will send you some.

  2. apheckel says:

    well, doug did say that the kit kats would be good for probably AT LEAST another couple of months. if we happen to see each other between now and then, i will try to hold onto them. they’re packaged in two little bags of 2 in a box, so i can keep one bag sealed of at least a couple of flavors. just say the word so i don’t sit down and eat them all!!

  3. isobot says:

    what are your feelings on regular kit kats?

    i brought a friend some lemon kit kats from china. she LOVED them. and i brought her hazelnut kits kats from prague, which she also loved, but i wasn’t crazy for them.

    kit kats seem to be a common overseas present. 🙂

  4. apheckel says:

    to tell you the truth, i’ve never been a kit kat freak. i will buy them, but about with the same frequency that i buy twix, and i don’t really buy candy bars that frequently at all. i only really started to get excited about them when doug started telling me all the fun flavors he was getting me. i also got excited when he wrote about ice cucumber pepsi. i wasn’t able to get any of that, though, and apparently it was only on shelves for about 2 weeks.

    i’m a total sucker for novelty, foreign or not. especially food novelty!

  5. Joe Stanton says:

    Sucks about the orange one. Orange+Chocolate is pretty great.

  6. apheckel says:

    i know, joe! i was really disappointed. i typically really love orange/chocolate things. i even like those big oranges they sell at holiday-times that are wrapped in foil and you smack on a table and they separate into wedges. i love those things!

  7. Mark D says:

    I wish there was a way to digitally synthesize the flavor for download to my taste buds. The thumbs up pretty much says it all though.


  8. apheckel says:

    i’ll just throw one really hard and maybe it’ll make it all the way to brooklyn so you can catch it in your mouth. analog, baby.

  9. shutrump says:

    oh maaaaaan. i wish i had a friend that lived in japan and could bring me such wonderful adventures.

    haven’t seen you in a while, lady. hope all is well.

  10. apheckel says:

    things is good, katie. i’ve missed you guys. i don’t even know if i’ve seen you since, what, milltown? that’s unacceptable. i need to leave the house more.

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