miracle dog

alright, i could write about how awesome doug and his family are all day long for days on end, but i’ll try to make this the last post about it.  reasons why i wish doug weren’t gay so we could get married and live an extremely boring and domestic life together:

  1. doug’s mom made me a cheesecake the day she heard i’d stopped being vegan.  she made me another cheesecake this weekend and wouldn’t rest until i ate a piece (not true, but she did hound me about it).  i poured khalua on it; shit was good.
  2. doug is 6’4″ so if we were to have children, the odds of them being of average height are pretty good.
  3. doug is my polar opposite (or complimentary personality, if you want to be nice), and he does not let me get away with anything.  but, oddly, he also lets me do what i’m going to do and doesn’t really judge.  so he’s good like that.
  4. petey.  petey is a dog doug has had since i’ve known him.  in fact, petey is 11 years old.  all through high school and college, petey was tripped out on anti-seizure meds.  somehow, amazingly, when i was there for the wedding, petey was there and remarkably spry!  he’s been off the meds and is doing fine!  oh my gosh, what a trooper!
  5. seriously, i’m glad doug is gay.  we tried to date, once.  did i tell you?  it was such an amazing failure that both of us realized pretty simultaneously and pretty quickly that the bond we share would never work romantically (i was pretty unaware of the sexuality factor, but i’m conscious enough to know what’s not up).  which is good, because 3 years later i met osiris.  and there’s none of that “what if …” business.

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