for farah – and the entire world

i did go see the new pornographers this weekend at the orange peel in asheville, nc.  i wrote a detailed review of the show itself at music as i see it.  i was majorly bummered out because they didn’t allow cameras at the show.  this is after my mother specifically requested that i take lots of pictures.  sigh. 

anyway, as i’d heard rumors of but hadn’t gotten my hopes up about, neko case was there in all her splendor and glory.  i was pleased to see that she has a little bit of a belly (like me) and she was just up there singing her ass off without any makeup on.  danny bejar was there vocalizing like a maniac.  a.c. newman was there with his snaggled front tooth and red hair.  it was a family affair.  immaculate machine and emma pollack opened and they were both really impressive. 

osiris and i had a good time in asheville.  it was a lovely and chilly fall weekend.  i dropped a few extra bucks and got us the good hotel room with the hd television.  we watched the first half of the patriots/redskins game that kind of made both of us depressed.  most of the reason we got that hotel was because it was right downtown and we wouldn’t have to drive to the orange peel.  we walked all over the place early sunday evening looking for places for dinner, winding up at a noodle shop that was only okay. 

after the show we just went back to the hotel to watch some tv and crash out, opting not to go out drinking post-show.  it was good, because the bed was nice and we both slept well.  monday we woke up early (like 8:30) and wandered around to find some breakfast.  we walked down to the french broad food coop across the street from the orange peel and got some fage, fruit, coffee and sparkling water.  then we walked around some more, went and picked up the car and wound up at salsas, a latin/carribbean restaurant that duane had been talking about since i went to asheville to see balkan beat box.  it was really really good.  i’ll go ahead and recommend it.  then we went to ragtime, a vintage store right near our hotel which had a pair of boots in the window that o wanted to try on.  they didn’t fit him, but i did find a sweet shirt with tiny red model ts all over it. 

so there you have it.  here is a picture of osiris and i in costume from becky and katie’s party on friday night.  imagine it is a picture of the new pornographers.

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2 Responses to for farah – and the entire world

  1. Because I am your #1, faithful fan, I read both reviews. That sounds so fantastic! I am so happy for your surprising Neko/Danny Bejar experience!

  2. apheckel says:

    oh boo, i was so excited and all i could think about was how you should’ve been there. it was so much fun. i think you would really like asheville, too. let’s go one day. xoxo.

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