well, halloween wasn’t a spectacular bash this year. i think something about it being on a wednesday and in the middle of some whacked-out weather systems made everybody a little bit more sluggish than normal. well, at least it made me really sluggish.  and averaged over the whole of everybody, well, i brought everyone down a peg.

i was not feeling it. at all. i tried to get it hyped up, and people were coming to my house so it was motivation, but all of that effort really just left me wiped out and depressed.

i decided i’d just embrace the obvious and go as our pal hillary. i was going to dye my hair blonde, but that would’ve required bleach or bleach alternatives and time that i didn’t have. i did put some blonde-people dye in it, which succeeded in making my hair a couple shades lighter. it’s alright. no biggie. i didn’t wear any distinguishing accessories or really anything special other than a pants suit and lots of hairspray, but all it took to convince someone i was hillary was me just saying, “yeah, i’m hillary.” oh yeah!

osiris was a biblical badass. he looked really good.  i don’t think there are any pictures of us. i didn’t take any, at least.  i am falling off of the world.

but now, because i like it, i will show you a picture of charlotte dressed up as a girl from battle royale and holding a bat that says “tee ball” on it.

IMG_4607.JPG, originally uploaded by charlieure.

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  1. charlotte says:

    i also am clearly insane.

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