there’s hope for me yet

the fates aligned for me to get my shit together and act like a grown-up for once this week. i told my dad last time i was home (2 weeks ago) that it was my goal to get my car legal by thanksgiving. so, to get me in gear, higher powers sent me a durham police cruiser to give me a 7-day warning on saturday. which was very nice of him, to give me a 7 day warning on some dmv-required task when all but 3 of the days were dmv-off days.

either way, monday i manned up and took to the ncdmv and took care of business. and then i even went to the service station to be inspected (and almost certainly rejected). anyway, they said it’d be about 35 minutes, and i was like “cool.” so, in the 2+ hours that followed, i got a lot of strip-mall shopping done. i went to staples and didn’t buy anything. i went to whole foods and didn’t buy anything. i went to look out clothing, great outdoor provision company, rite-aid, stein mart and womancraft gifts and didn’t buy anything. i went to visart and rented waiting for guffman and freeway. i went to the abc package store and bought some mount gay for o’s grog. i went back to whole foods and ate pre-packaged sushi that was disappointingly dry. i walked past the service station 2 or 3 times. i saw my car had moved, but i was holding out for them to call me and besides, there was no sticker of either pass or reject persuasion.

anyway, moral of the story, there are several morals i guess, but moral: stein mart has the absolute worst christmas muzak i’ve ever heard. womancraft gifts is possibly the worst name for a store, ever, but not everything in there was hideous. probably only 92% of the stuff in there was hideous. you can tack $50 onto any article of clothing if it’s in an outdoor supply store. and, finally, for some reason north carolina doesn’t slap a rejection sticker on your car if it fails inspection like virginia does. i don’t know if that’s good or not. do i just drive around for a month without a sticker at all? i guess so. i have the letter that says “hey replace your right brake light cover in 30 days or you’re toast” so i guess that’s enough to get me to virginia for a party weekend without a nasty ticket.

things are so simple lately there’s nothing else to say.

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4 Responses to there’s hope for me yet

  1. charlotte says:

    i miss you!

  2. gordo also got a warning about his inspection after he left the dmv to pick up his VA license! he took it today and passed after fixing $1000 worth of broken brakes. Did you pass?

  3. Ziltch says:

    -I think it’s really funny that charlotte said she misses you cause i couldn’t help but think about you and O all day and i really miss you guys alot, and after lots of thought i think you both should come be here around charlotte and i , and by be here i mean in our bed.

  4. apheckel says:

    c&z – the two of you are the most spectacular bed-potatoes i’ve ever met.

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