where’s the traffic?

how was your thanksgiving? mine was virginia, and vodka pie dough, and yoga, and cashmere, and an 80th birthday, and a 50th birthday, and booze and booze and booze.

i figured out that my family is one of the best families in the world. that is to say, it is the family i will always come from, so i’d better get used to them, and liking them is a bonus. i also figured out that i have an attitude problem (!?) and that i have had an attitude problem since about the beginning of time. what? i thought i was pretty much perfect over all, but it turns out now that i am one sour human. it’s ok. i’m admitting i have a problem, so the only way to go from here is forward. on with it!

but i also have this other side of me that comes from love and it’s all laughter and indulgence. and it’s comfort and welcome home. so in that way, i’m very thankful to come from where i come from and to be who i am. and over all, in general, smarts run pretty deep around these parts.

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2 Responses to where’s the traffic?

  1. charlotte says:

    i love all of those photos. and i feel you. and i’m glad you feel this way. it’s beautiful.

  2. joe stanton says:

    Look at how cute you are. My Thanksgiving was good. Becky charmed the hell out of my giant family.

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