winter beach

i succeeded a little bit in life yesterday and actually sent packages to (select few) people across the country. i’ve been working hard!

there are a few other things i’ve been trying out lately, like listening to about 500 hours of music o discovered at his dad’s house. it’s so hard for me to express how excited i am (still) about this (it happened almost 2 weeks ago).  if i haven’t heard it, it’s new to me!

this is the busiest fool i’ve been in a long time, and i’m secretly not that busy at all! i just feel like my time isn’t all wasted on tv, which is progress.  i will still make an effort toward a nap, though, no doubt.  it’s winter, too, and i’m fluffing up nicely. 

cutest picture ever award – alison, of course, originally uploaded by JJRocks.

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