many thanks

i thought of a lot of really great resolutions as i was falling asleep last night.  unfortunately, by that time i’d already broken most of them, but january 2 is as good a time to start as any.  i have started today to try to be vegan again, something i decide to do and then give up on about every 2 weeks.  conviction is hard, especially since osiris has been cooking about 500% more lately, but we’ll see what i can do.  it might mean stir fry every day.  vegan potlucks are always fun.

also, my deepest and most heartfelt congratulations go out to my dear stephanie george, who is getting married in may!  i am going to do my damnedest to get to ohio (or kentucky) for the wedding.  i will also try to avoid wearing this dress, but i can’t make any guarantees.

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4 Responses to many thanks

  1. charlotte says:


  2. sarah carter says:

    dood sweet! love that little number.

  3. sarah carter says:

    dood you’re amazing. p.s. i hope i’m not posting this 27 times.

  4. oh man. i have that dress!

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