on sunday, o and i went to go see dan deacon at the local 506.  it was only okay.  which is kind of a bummer, because most of the reason i got tickets (without really knowing any of the tunes) was because of what i’d heard of his live shows.  and i am a notorious sucker for peer pressure.

 the tunes were really fun, and we did dance a little, but it was the first stop on his tour, and his ipod shut down halfway through his set, so that kind of threw a wrench in things, and that’s when all the young folks and disrespectful drinkers started to get to us.  we didn’t stick around for the whole set.

i think if i were 4 years younger and still as blindly optimistic as i was then, i would’ve enjoyed it more.  but since i’m old and jaded now, the crowd and technical difficulties got me down.

dan deacon did his best, though, and really tried to get everyone involved and moving and interacting with him and with each other, and i think that was good.  again, if i were more accepting and less curmudgeonly, that would’ve been sweet.  maybe next time.

(update:  upon reading that article up there in the first paragraph, i guess this set pretty much went exactly as the one described, so maybe next time i won’t have a much better time, unless i see him somewhere that’s not chapel hill)

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  1. sgodt says:

    i’ve seen him three times in the year that i’ve been in p-land. each time was sparkling magic and i left smelling like the sweat of a dozen strangers.

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