i was just joking

my real superpower is actually my very powerful electric field.  i feel much more electric than i think anyone else does, like when adrenaline starts pumping or i have to stop short in my car or anything, i feel very acute electrical charges in my fingertips and the heels of my feet.  when i get jealous, there’s a very specific buzz that happens in the rear base of my brain.  i don’t know what lobe that is and i don’t feel like looking it up.  it’s like moving heat.

in the past, when i was happy or doing well, i could control street lights on the interstate and in neighborhoods.  it kind of dwindled for a few years, but it’s starting to come back, my ability to turn off street lights in startling numbers when i walk or drive by them.

maybe my broad electric field has something to do with the party planning.  it’s also influential.  taken all together, i think it’s called charisma.

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2 Responses to i was just joking

  1. daho says:

    OMG I totally forgot about your weird electrical power thing! I can support your statement about turning off street lights on interstates (for all you skeptics out there).

  2. apheckel says:

    i am so glad you remember this! it’s really pretty freaky and awesome.

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