last night’s party

do you guys want to know a secret? i have a superpower. it has to do with sensing when the time is right for a party or barbecue and then making it happen. frequently at other people’s houses, which i think is the best part.

it started innocently enough, with seamus and i having the same-old friday afternoon chat. an excerpt:

me: what’re you up to tonight?
Seamus: ?
no plans yet
me: nobody i’ve talked to has any plans
Seamus: sounds like some fun could be had
i’ll keep you posted
me: cool, as long as it’s low budget
Seamus: you know me!
me: sweet
yeah i’d be down for like a mini-house party or something
Seamus: hmmm
i have a house!
me: whoa for real??!! ????!!!!!!
Seamus: i rent
so, anyway, that’s how the whole thing started. i didn’t even invite anyone! luckily, seamus is popular and his housemates are popular, so a good number of people showed up who would’ve otherwise been bored or spent a lot of money going to the same old boring bar as every other friday. and there you have it! it is a gift, and a power that i bring. but i can’t really control it yet.

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2 Responses to last night’s party

  1. FQ says:

    I stayed up until almost 4 AM playing rockband last night! I was a star! It’s like karaoke — but with points! You should come up!

  2. apheckel says:

    oh, fq, i realllllllllly want to play rockband! i played guitar hero 3 for the first time at this party, though, and that was pretty kickass. i’m almost really good at that game.

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