yes, ‘ella, ‘ella, i’ve heard it

for some reason, i’ve been kind of stressing out about not having an umbrella for my trip to portland. it’s been so long since it seriously rained here that i don’t know if i’d even know what to do. that and i don’t really ever walk around outside that much.

it’s nearing time to really buckle down and get myself laundered, packed and ready to go. i mean, i am getting so excited, it’s not really that funny. to ease some of the stress, and because i saw it and had a freakout over it, o bought me the most beautiful, perfect umbrella ever. i’m so glad o works at cameron’s now.

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6 Responses to yes, ‘ella, ‘ella, i’ve heard it

  1. Beckaroni says:

    This is the most awesome umbrella I have ever seen. You are one lucky lady.

  2. apheckel says:

    the umbrella and i are secretly going to portland to elope.

  3. charlotte says:

    unbelievably, it’s been sunny and clear for the past three days. but zero said it’s supposed to snow some tonight. i recommend hoods as much as umbrellas, as it doesn’t seem to rain very hard, just often. sam likes to rock the umbrella, though, and i have one that i probably remember more on sunny days than rainy ones, since my skin is allergic to the sun.
    yours is VERY excellent.

  4. charlotte says:

    p.s. we’re super excited for you to be here!!

  5. apheckel says:

    don’t get me wrong, i like a good hood, too, but the only waterproof jacket i have is a gore-tex one that my parents got me that is really large and unflattering. it’s seriously osiris-sized.

    if i could marry my umbrella, i would. i especially love how portly he gets when he’s open, but when he’s all wrapped up he looks lean and in shape and like he’s led a satisfying life.

  6. Ziltch says:

    haha! I love this. And Cameron’s?! Score! good to know O got a sweet job at Cameron’s, for real.

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