poot land

i have actually been in portland for about 32 hours, and every single minute of those hours has been magical. and i mean, i haven’t even really ventured out fully into the city yet! this is just catching up with the others, taking a grand walk and throwing snowballs into a 4-year-old’s mouth.

isn’t that really what a vacation is about? tomorrow will probably begin inner-city adventures. i will upload a buttload of pictures when i get home, but for now, zero will provide you with this stankety-ass picture of jared and sam, wherein sam is making the funniest face i’ve ever seen a man in a poncho make. i think jared is just trying hard not to slip and fall all the way down the mountain.

originally uploaded by heartmiser.

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4 Responses to poot land

  1. iso.bot says:

    oy! i for got you were a’visitin’. have such an awesome time! i wish i could’ve tagged along.

  2. apheckel says:

    there’s still time!

  3. charlotte says:

    i am SO lucky i got to see you throw that snowball straight into her face.

  4. sgodt says:

    did you know that portland is often referred to as “p-town”? that’s as silly as calling portsmouth “p-town”. portland is p-land, and portsmouth is p-mouth. let’s us all agree to agree on this.

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