after 4 days

after being home for a few days, i’m finally ready to write about my trip to portland. it was, simply, the most incredible. i can’t even believe the hospitality of everyone there and also their ability to keep on like we weren’t even there. also, that city! oh my god, love love love.

events highlights: definitely, hiking in forest park; ranma 1/2 with charlotte and zero; my new purple velvet blazer (most regal); super bowl on pacific time, victory, and all day in bars; the horrible juggler at dante’s; sam’s quest for a money order and an dong chinese grocery; lucifer being a destroyer of worlds, all week long; picking osiris up at the airport; seeing higgins briefly; listening to patton oswalt with the whole family; eating.

eats highlights: apizza scholls with higgins; voodoo doughnut, twice, only once drunk; food carts!; bland chinese delivery with the whole family; goji berries on the trail; french fries at lompoc; everyone’s healthy diet of salads and water; beer and beer and free beer and mulled wine.

and just for laughs:

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4 Responses to after 4 days

  1. carolhousel says:

    you’ve inspired me to start a blog.
    i’m glad portland was great, but i’m happy you’re back!
    hopefully i can see you soon!

  2. apheckel says:

    girl – you were on the blogroll before i even got this comment. i’m so excited! and yes, we need to hang out VERY SOON, possibly birthday festivities?

  3. FQ says:

    good times! although i will miss you when i lose you to portland.

  4. sgodt says:

    that explains the lack of updates on your livejournal.
    i’m really glad we got to hang out.
    maybe next time it can be for longer than two hours

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