so i have been spending the whole evening working up a stencil for osiris. we’ve been listening to prince’s “erotic city”. i even heard it on the radio today, despite the number of times he says “fuck” and “creamy thighs.”

so anyway, i put something together based off of the cover to prince’s greatest hits/b-sides. unfortunately, the only shirt i had to paint it on was a black one, and we all know that prince is not all the way dark, so it looks kind of silly with some lilac paint on black, instead of the other way around, which is what i intended. so i may have to go pick up a purple shirt, or something light-colored that i could paint with a more royal purple, since that’s what i’m into right about now anyway.

anyway, what do you think? i’ve included the negative image so you can maybe get a better idea about how it will look on a lighter shirt as it was intended.

(julio and osiris both say not to get down on myself about it, and i’m really actually pretty stoked about the stencil, but i’m a little bummed about the first final product)

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2 Responses to stencilin’

  1. charlotte says:

    i actually think the stencil looks sweet on black.

  2. Da-In says:

    i like the one on the right

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