please send

oh, things are just spinning away.  i have been so busy and yet not doing anything.  and i think it’s mostly because i’ve been spending so much time listening to the new gnarls barkley, jamie lidell, breeders, devotchka, destroyer and raveonettes that it really doesn’t leave time for much else!

 oh, i have other things up my sleeve that i may or may not be at liberty to talk about.  and i may be really gunning to win this dinner with barack.  have i talked yet about how much i love spring?  i don’t even mind the near-constant allergy headaches.  it’s starting to get into hand-claps season (more on that in a near-future post).  and o registered to vote in nc, and the new obama campaign office in chapel hill opened, so there are lots of things to do! 

it’s almost weather enough for this:

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2 Responses to please send

  1. joe stanton says:

    I’ve not seen you guys in a while! Check it:

    Air Guitar competition. If you or anyone you know would be into competiting, do it. It’ll be mega fun and I’ll be dressed as a wizard and rocking to this song:

  2. apheckel says:

    i know! what the hell, mang?! that’s a pretty sweet gig. maybe we can check it out. i will be in touch. but please let me know what other things are happening at any and all times!

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