get it

well, we all knew this was coming.  there is a whole life of updates to make.  first and foremost:  fq turned 25!  so, at the suggestion of her awesome boyfriend, i made the trip up to majestic northern virginia to help celebrate.  it was so wonderful, and zaytinya, and ackc cocoa gallery, and all the friends and loved ones and brothers i hadn’t seen in so, so, too long.  farah is the woman to beat all women, and the boo of a lifetime.

second:  my car has officially made its last trip out-of-state.  the escort tried its hardest, but the best it could muster was rolling all the way down I-95 to I-85 blowing vaporized antifreeze out of the vents, completely obscuring my vision and ruining my taste buds.  so i got to take a wonderful 4+ hour drive with the windows down just to breathe and kind-of see through the rain and cold, which is already the worst weather for fogging windows.  and then this evening when i was going to take it to the shop it wouldn’t start, which is just the best possible situation.

third:  the best part of my drive home (it is a gross understatement to call it the best part; it would’ve been the best part of my drive home even if i were driving a jet) was getting to swing through fredericksburg and see eric.  and because he’s so established  and well-connected, he got me both free books and lunch.  he also got me coffee, but i was so anxious about my drive that it was really difficult to drink it.  but we swang on swings and talked shop and caught up.

fourth:  i made a muxtape of songs with handclaps (or snaps) that make me want to do the twist, or the mashed potato, or maybe just the two-step, or maybe i will hit it.  i was putting it together for a while.  i really just mean a couple of weeks, and it is a much happier sound than i’m currently feeling, though it is pretty exciting to shop and compare new cars.

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2 Responses to get it

  1. FQ says:

    Yay! You were the best birthday present! That cake wasn’t so bad either!

  2. apheckel says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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