a dog called gumbo

well, in another miracle of nature, the escort rides again!  long story short, there is no heat in my car any longer, but that doesn’t matter at all.  it’s april now, after all, and even though it was in the 40s today, that shouldn’t last for long.  and new car hunt ’08 is still on, so there’s some inspiration.

and having a car that mostly works means i can ride around on behalf of obama.  yesterday, i learned how to register voters (here’s a lesson:  have them fill out a form and that’s it) and then stood outside of harris teeter harassing people on their way in to go shopping.  it was cool.  a couple of old ladies smiled warmly at me and told me they were on my side.  they were cuties.  i’m likely tabling on saturday, too, so if anyone around chapel hill wants to meet up, give me a call.

anyway, the point of this whole thing is that we have this amazingly adorable dog staying with us for the weekend.  his name is gumbo, and he is the fuzziest and nicest dog in the world.  he’s on the older side and super chilled out.  i want him to stay with us.   this may be the closest i’ve ever been to wanting to actually adopt and care for an animal.

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2 Responses to a dog called gumbo

  1. ben says:

    Not to be contrary…but combustion engines always produce heat…if your car isn’t that’s probably not a good thing. Get that shit checked out.
    Also, are you still entertaining ideas of moving to Portland?

  2. apheckel says:

    oh, i’m still entertaining the idea, though the whole thing is in back-burner mode right now until i get a new car. turns out it really wasn’t a good thing that it wasn’t producing heat.

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