i haven’t been taking many pictures lately because, frankly, i haven’t really been leaving the house. that’s mainly because, despite what my last post says, my car is not the miracle car of death and rebirth that i thought it was before.

so i have been riding the bus to work and walking around but overall staying at home at nights, which is actually a pretty good savings plan for a new car. anyhow, since i haven’t really been going out, i haven’t really been taking pictures, and i have been spending a lot of time on the couch. so, in honor of that, i am going to give you all a (mostly) chronological retrospective of pictures of osiris and i on couches.


and, as a bonus for reading this far:

these photos are from the iso.bot and the waffle housel. i am very thankful for both of their faithful pursuits of pictures of osiris and i taking advantage of every couchy surface in the mid-atlantic.

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4 Responses to honorary

  1. apheckel says:

    hopefully we will get a chance to sit on your couch again soon! by the time i get up there again it’ll likely be summer time, which is optimal air conditioned couch sitting time.

  2. carol says:

    nice! it is always an honor to sit next to you too on couches! it is a great honor to document the sitting 🙂

  3. heididiidid says:

    u cute

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