so we just got back from an indie dance night at ringside. it was apparently its last night ever. well, at least at that location, i think. which is a shame, because that location is fucking sweet. we’d never been there, but we agreed that if we’d started going there when we moved here, it’d still be in business. apparently, that’s about the time they stopped paying their rent. life in the fast lane.

so we just got home and o went and passed out in the bed but it is much too hot in here for me to go to sleep. it’s summer here at a sweltering 82° in the house with the windows open. gross in here, but driving home with nobody else on the road with the windows down and white denim on jj’s cd player and honeysuckle starting to bloom was pretty wonderful and makes me not want to complain so much. no pictures from today, but cheeto fingers from a couple days ago:

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