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well, after guam today, it’s finally our turn! i must say, i’m enjoying all of the attention our state is getting, even though all those liberal news outlets insist on focusing more on indiana. i know this blog has become all-obama-all-the-time, but hell, so has my life, so there you have it.

yesterday, seamus and i both took off work and went over to carrboro town commons for the free arcade fire and superchunk show as an early-vote rally and general fun time. (i did not early vote, which i feel kind of weird about but also alright about because i’m excited to go and wait in line on tuesday. i walk right past the polling place on the way to the bus stop anyway.)

it was pretty incredible. it was a gorgeous and borderline-hot day and a couple of cold beers and a shady spot perfected the afternoon. it was a great day with lots of old and new chapel hill rockers and high school students skipping school. afterwards, just to top it off, i ran into virginia walters on the patio at milltown! oh, it did feel like magic.

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  1. FQ says:

    I love them! 🙂

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