um holy crap

LYLE GOT US A NEW PUPPY!!!  while i was at work, alone because the coworkers were playing in a golf tournament (jealous), lyle was driving out to a place near danville to pick up a new puppy!  what?  who does that?!

so today after all this weather and car-shopping stress i walked in to find this adorable, ridiculous puppy.

after the failed experiment with bella about 18 months ago, we’ve been a little bit wary about second-dogs.  it’s tough to trust an already mature dog (like bella) to adapt fully to our household which, i think we can all admit, is a fairly unconventional place for a dog who is used to things like fresh air and daylight.

but ruby, puppy that she is, will have time to adapt and conform.  i can’t wait!  and also she is a boxer/bulldog/australian sheep dog.  kidding?  never!

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3 Responses to um holy crap

  1. carol says:

    holy crap!
    that dog is key-ute!
    can i come over and play??????

  2. Kathryn says:

    Danville! My whole damn family is from Danville. That dog is better looking than anything I’m related to, though.

    Also, I love every single glimpse I get of your house.

  3. apheckel says:

    ruby’s not really in a playing mood yet. which i can kind of understand, since being adopted can’t be the easiest thing in the world and i’m sure she’s tired.

    carol and kathryn, you’re both welcome to come over and play with ruby.

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