oh my god

new car time!!!!  HOLY CRAP.  i’m still kind of shaky, 3 hours later, with adrenaline and nerves and excitement.  i need to slow my roll before i speed my roll all over town.

oh my god, guys, you have no idea how weird it feels to be in a car that is MINE that RUNS and IS COMPLETELY FUCKING AWESOME.  i kind of want to cry i’m so excited.  i got so used to driving that piece of shit escort that it doesn’t really feel like i deserve a new, awesome, incredible new car.  but guess what, guys.  i totally do!  so suck one, escort.  you can no longer make me feel awkward.

where old car ends and new car begins.  i’ve got a new game.

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2 Responses to oh my god

  1. heididiidid says:


  2. Da-In says:

    You got a new car? AWESOME!

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