red hot divas

sunday afternoon we braved sunny skies that turned dark to go to raleigh to see holly wanna crackya tear it up on the flat track.  as always, she figuratively broke bones and spirits with her killer speed and hip power.  rock the hell out of historic dorton arena.

osiris and i like to talk about how good a derby girl i’d be if i’d ever learned how to roller skate.  i have a very low center of gravity, strong knees, a resistance to bruising and a great attraction to competition.  if anyone wants to go roller skating and is willing to be patient and not laugh at me while i hobble around like a baby goat, let’s take it to the rink.

and there were also old ladies cheerleading, calling themselves the red hot divas.  which, if you haven’t ever witnessed such a thing, you should really check out.  the best part was that they were just cheering for themselves.  when you get to be that old, though, you deserve to cheer for yourself.  so keep on with it, ladies!  and keep on with it, holly!

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3 Responses to red hot divas

  1. joe stanton says:

    Holly Wanna Crackya is like the Tom Brady of Carolina Rollergirls. Awesome. Awesome.

  2. apheckel says:

    joe!! don’t EVER say that again! she is so much better/cuter/awesomer than tom brady. tom brady wishes he could hang out with holly wanna crackya and get tips on how to not be a giant jerk wad. tom brady would be lucky if holly wanna crackya would come to his house for an oscar party, even if he also invited george clooney. tom brady isn’t cool enough to be holly wanna crackya’s waiter.

  3. charlotte says:

    man, i wish i could go roller skating with you!

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