oh, milestones

i have been stressing the hell out of this stupid dnc business.  all i want is for it to be over and for people to stop being petty, unreasonable and petty.  come on, tuesday, because i am sick of having small panic attacks every day.  that is that.

in the meantime, i drove 1000 miles in my new car.  which is basically perverse, to drive 1000 miles in a week and a half, but excitement is excitement and thrills are thrills.  it is cool.  i still don’t have a name for it, other than yaris! and little bean.  i pledge to keep it real, however it ends up.

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2 Responses to oh, milestones

  1. Natalie says:

    So, at first scan of this post, I read “excitement is excitement” as…
    “excitement is excrement” and I was like “oh, she just took a turn for the dark there…how very glass is half-empty…”

    Also, calling small cars beans is something that I also love. And my insistence on not getting one that looks otherwise is mind boggling to DrewGood who has tried to get me into a Saturn many a time.

    I digress, the real point to this is that I would also refer to your yaris as “thimble”

  2. apheckel says:

    i was thinking about “shortround”

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