a long time coming

i found my first gray hair today!  i’m attributing it to buying the yaris.  i’m really excited about gray hair.  i mean, i have so many idols that have really beautiful silver hair.  seriously.  my mom and david byrne are basically two of my favorite people to ever grace this fine planet and look how hot they both are!

also, and this is the opposite of a joke, i have wanted a bonnie rait-style gray streak since i was a little kid.  it’s actually a goal of mine.  my gray hair inspired me to go get a haircut by a professional tomorrow to get all this grody dye cut out.  i doubt i will ever dye my hair again, now that i have this sweet gray hair!

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4 Responses to a long time coming

  1. sarah carter says:

    girl i feel that. two of my favs:

  2. sarah carter says:

    shoot! the picture is of storm and rogue from the x-men. i’m not trying to post another pic, it’s too embarrassing. xo!

  3. apheckel says:

    well, i don’t even need to see the pictures to know the whole truth. they are true heroes.

  4. da-in says:

    aw, i miss your parents! hehehe

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