my eyelid knows more than i do

well, it seems that my right eyelid has some sort of psychic ability to foretell misfortune.  you heard it here first:  aph has a mystic eyelid. 

or, to be more plain about it, my eyelid had been twitching for about 4 days and everyone was telling me it was from stress and yada yada.  well, come to find out at about 9 last night, it was really just telling me in advance about the game of bumper cars i was going to play with an illegal alien on 15-501.  it was basically a side-view mirror to side-view mirror attack that i waged on him.  real slick.  anyway, my dreaded first scratch has now happened so i can stop being paranoid about getting that and start being paranoid about ever changing lanes again, ever.  even more important than that, though, is the fact that my eyelid hasn’t twitched since the incident.

in the meantime, wayne and dookie came to visit and we had a great time at the quarry and the derby and the fuse and the hell.  and the celtics won.  and i stayed up way too late and still woke up early and watched men’s gymnastics and sweated a lot.  and, because she’s a looker, here’s a picture of penelope bruz:

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