strugglin’ gums + pixie bug

well now, almost a week after my “procedure” or “extraction” or “something else that sounds as though it may be a euphemism for ‘abortion’ but really means ‘getting my wisdom teeth yanked’,” my gum holes are still really uncomfortable.  which, of course, i now assume is dry socket.  actually, reading that article now, it probably actually is dry socket, which blows because i took care to not be too much of an asshole to myself after i got these teeth aborted.

anyway, after a few days of pretty annoying pain, god apparently decided to reward me with this sight of a bug on a pixie sculpture on the side of our driveway.  three things to note:

  1. i did not know this pixie sculpture even existed at all until i saw it when i was going down the driveway to check the mail.
  2. the bug is perfectly placed as an oversized hat pin.
  3. holy crap, it’s two bugs!  and they’re totally doing it on that pixie’s leaf cap!  nasty.

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4 Responses to strugglin’ gums + pixie bug

  1. charlotte says:

    i simultaneously love this photo and am utterly creeped out by it.
    i have to get my wisdom teeth out, and i’m actually terrified of getting dry socket. something about it just makes me feel like fainting.

  2. apheckel says:

    the dry socket wasn’t the worst thing ever. i didn’t actually go back to the dentist to get it treated and it’s pretty well subsided now. the worst part is that it also includes an earache. it was generally manageable during the day and got more intense at night when i was trying to relax. blech. you could maybe get some clove oil beforehand because that’s supposed to help. i’m not entirely sure how to prevent it, because i did everything my dentist told me to, but i guess that’s the way things go sometimes.

  3. sarah carter says:

    dood. dry sockets sound terrible, but that little wiki pop-up was the jam. you’re full of amazing technological tricks. i hope you feel better!

  4. Ben says:

    Just relax about the mating bugs…every animal does it. I totally did it once too. It was awesome.

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