all kinds

it is 6 minutes shy of my twenty-fifth birthday.  have you ever had feelings?  yeah, probably not.

this weekend was intense and great.  my parents and my grandma had a whole party for me and my namesake, patrice, for our milestone birthdays (25 and 50, respectively).  and drinks and food and presents and great times.

and sunday!  we had a huge breakfast and goodbyes and good times.  and farah and gordon met us at the green leafe for a drink and a cheese fry.  and we ate at food for thought in williamsburg for some salads and chips.

and busch gardens!  we had maximum fun with super heat and rides.  and have you ever seen a fully grown dude act like he just got chest hair?  that’s what it’s like to hang out with osiris and jesse together.  basically lots of farting and horseplay.  it’s the best possible scenario for busch gardens, though, because you get the best years of retarded hilarity without all the stupid hormones.  yes?!

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3 Responses to all kinds

  1. charlotte says:

    Happy Beeday, Alison!!! Twenty-five’s been strange for me, but also really awesome. Well, I’m more than halfway through it now, so maybe I’ve just come to terms. I hope it’s awesome for you. I’m glad to know you’re out there keeping it real, always. I love you, and I respect your style, always.

  2. charlotte says:

    Also, when I saw that photo on your flickr, I actually did think for a minute that it was from high school, and then I was like, “Wait a second…” You look so cute!

  3. apheckel says:

    you’re the best, charlotte, and a destroyer of worlds. and also i was drunk when i wrote this whole post, which is a pretty good idea.

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