also today

i’ve been sitting at the same picnic table for lunch every day recently.  i guess really only when i eat alone, which is only a couple times a week.  but anyway i sit in the shade at this table and write in paper-journal and read and munch.  it’s nice and it’s right by the section of main street where i keep witnessing odd occurences.

a few months ago, in late winter, i saw a ladder truck drop a coffee can full of giant rusty tacks and nails that exploded into the middle of the road.  drivers tried to swerve around them, which was difficult to do since they were all over both lanes in the middle of the intersection.  an old man on a bike stopped and scooped up all the rusty bits in his (luckily gloved) hands and threw away the whole shebang.

a few weeks later i saw a low-speed collision after which neither driver left his car for at least 30 minutes.

today, a mack truck tried unsuccessfully to squeeze under the train overpass.  the top of the container snagged on the bridge and crumple-crunched.  i’m guessing the driver just backed up and went one block over where there is no overpass at all.

lately i’ve been trying out different natural energy drinks from whole foods.  basically just whatever is on sale.  i especially needed one today since every spare bit of my natural energy was directed to help my uterus perform its gross duties.  so i tried hi*ball sparkling energy water.  it was ok and not as sparkling as i would normally like, but it looks really cute and that’s ultimately all that counts.

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