animal magnetism

this one is hodgepodge.

1.  a variety of creatures in our neighborhood:  owls, bunnies, deer, bats, lots of bats, bugs for bats to eat and kudzu.  also apparently neighborhood watchmen who take time out from their own driving to write down my license plate in order to report me for a rolling stop.  i’m just trying to hypermile here.

2.  i am a magnet for assholes today.  it’s been all i could do to not cry in response to bitchy reporters’ assistants and a very zealous neighborhood watchman.  i actually did start to cry a little bit but i got over it with comic books and eggplant parmesan and nice people who aren’t assholes.

3.  osiris bought a copy of watchmen (speaking of) for us to read. i am currently in the middle of when you are engulfed in flames, so i gave o first dibs.  i’m sure you’ll all hear all of the opinions i’ve ever had in time.

4.  we’re babysitting a grill that we got in exchange for helping friendly matt and carol move last weekend.  between the exercise, pizza, beer and grill, i’d say it was an even trade.

5.  the comedy central roast of bob saget with roastmaster john stamos. which i will only watch because gilbert gottfried is on the panel.  and some of you may know how i feel about gilbert gottfried.  here’s a hint – i feel really, really good about gilbert gottfried.

6.  i made a stencil of a daschund for a teeshirt for a friendly coworker and it turned out really well.  behold:

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3 Responses to animal magnetism

  1. Natalie says:

    Someone busting on you for a rolling stop is totally clown shoes.

    Why people gotta make driving so stressful?

  2. apheckel says:

    i know, right? i totally looked at him like i was retarded because i couldn’t even believe he would spend his energy busting me for that. maybe he wound up not turning me in because he thinks i’m mentally challenged.

  3. wafflehousel says:

    hey lady! love the dog design! you got SKILLZ!
    oh, by the way THANK YOU for helping us move, you are awesome!!! And you can keep the grill, I hope Matt didn’t ask you to babysit. That shits is yours! It’s the least we can do!

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