easy, buddy

well, i haven’t gotten any sort of citation (yet) as a result of my run-in with the ornery old independent security officer in my neighborhood.  i don’t know if any normal dude can even call someone else in for running a stop sign, but he seemed pretty confident in his ability to, and he seemed like he had plenty of experience busting people’s balls over stupid and inconsequential shit.  five decades of experience, at least, assuming he spent his first couple of decades getting his own balls busted by his own ornery old neighbors.  are you surprised i’m still thinking about this?  i am, and it makes me uncomfortable.

if his goal was to get under my skin, i guess it worked.  it’s pretty thin these days, anyway.

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6 Responses to easy, buddy

  1. apheckel says:

    in that photo, i am watching unbeatable banzuke and getting stressed out, because that is the purpose of that show. the announcer, introducing a father-daughter pair of competitors in neko de drive, made this bold statement: “she asked for a car, but all she got was a wheelbarrow shaped like a cat.” which is actually the whole challenge – making it through an obstacle course with one person pushing the other on a wheelbarrow shaped like a cat. my favorite couple of challengers is the 40-years-married couple, him 79 and her 69 who made it about 3 feet before she came tumbling off of the cat-barrow and into a pit of foam padding.

  2. mac says:

    Stop this shit. You’re fucking with me and I know it. I mean, c’mon. We live in the same house and I–Ohshitwhatwasthatnoise?

  3. apheckel says:

    well, mac, i don’t know if this comment was a setup for the alien fetus that was in the bathroom this morning, but i can tell you that thing is about the last thing i want to see when i’m taking my morning piss.

  4. wafflehousel says:

    hey, that guy CANNOT get anyone to give you a citation. A police officer would have had to ACTUALLY SEE you run the stop sign. Hearsay does not work, and that crusty old guy is probably just slowly losing his mind. Seriously, don’t worry about it. You’ll just let the guy win.

  5. charlotte says:

    You should tell that dude that he saw nothing and you’re going to sue him for harassment. What a douche. I would still be thinking about it too, though.
    P.S. It was so tight seeing you this week!

  6. apheckel says:

    oh man, yeah, i don’t think anything will happen with it. stupid nosy jerks.

    oh man i’m so happy we got to hang for a little bit but i’m really bummed we missed out on rock band jams. seriously?!!? stupid work jerks.

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