osiris and i started yesterday with bloody marys and usa basketball.  it was perfect, and jj came over with all kinds of biscuits and cinnamon rolls and sausages and we cooked up breakfast and got mid-morning drunk and then took a nap.  it’s the olympics!  and that’s how things have been going pretty much every hour that i haven’t been at work.

i have been suffering from olympics fever, for sure.  it’s been an awesome way to spend this past week.  seriously.  so while we’ve been enjoying feats of strength, speed and agility, osiris has been schooling me on the long and storied history of injustice and hypocrisy in the olympics (specifically the awarding of host country).  it’s sobering and puts things in perspective.

anyway, the purpose of this post is not to talk about how belgium was awarded the olympics in 1920 despite some truly horrific activities in the congo they were committing nigh simultaneously.  the purpose of this post is to talk about dara torres.  non sequiter?  well, that’s what you get when mattie and i decide on a blog theme.  basically, the theme came about last night when we agreed that dara torres just seems like the coolest and nicest person to hang out with.  and she lives nearby!  she’s just such a cutie, with the best smile and the friendliest demeanor.  can you deduce that you would like to be best friends with someone based on what you see of them on tv for 15 minutes?  absolutely, yes, which is the same exact reason why i think going out for drinks with michael and debbie phelps, kobe bryant and lebron james would be a laugh riot, but would also touch our emotions with debbie phelps telling moving stories and having all of us crying.  and then we would play video poker at four corners.  i don’t really like kobe at all, but i do think he could give some good advice on what not to do in your life.

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5 Responses to XXIX

  1. sarah says:

    dood, one thing i don’t get about the olympics is catching the people IMMEDIATELY after they do their thing. they’ve just made a world record dood, they’re not going to have enough air to talk to a dang camera!

  2. apheckel says:

    man i don’t know, if i’d just broken a world record i’m pretty sure i would want to tell everyone about it that very instant!

  3. Natalie says:

    Oh man, speaking of loving after 15 minutes…

    How about the “blessed” trio of Bershawn Jackson, Kerron Clement and Angelo Taylor winning that 400 meter hurdle for USA?!

    And they call lil’ Bershawn “Batman” because he’s got big ears!

    And Angelo Taylor, when wearing shades, totally looks like Stevie Wonder!!

    Holy crap! Too Good!

    And don’t even get me started on the Jamaican girls with the braces!

  4. Natalie says:

    Oh crap!

    Drew just reminded me that the trio, after being interviewed and elucidating how blessed and how happy they were to be representing USA, turned to the cameras and busted out into a series of loving shout outs to their boos back home!


  5. apheckel says:

    OH yes. i know. talk about cuties! i would play trivial pursuit with them.

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