like feet

this weekend, i’m going back to my parents’ house to have a small, makeshift high school reunion.  i mean, this is the real deal.  these are some good people, y’all.  i’m really excited.  it is guaranteed good times.  the food and the laughs will be plentiful.  that’s all you guys need to know about it.  this shit is exclusive, like my friendship.

but other than that, i am going to try and score a little bit of kombucha slime from my dad if any survived while they were in newfoundland.  so that way we can make that deliciously feet-smelling concoction and i can have all of the digestive benefits that go along with it and won’t have to keep buying bottles for $3.50 a pop.  for some tea and slime?  please.  give me that delicious beer instead, please.  i will cultivate my own yeasts.

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2 Responses to like feet

  1. Natalie says:


    Kombucha is so groooooooooss!

    How can you swallow “live cultures”???? Are they chewy?


  2. apheckel says:

    i be like “nom nom nom nom nom nom nom”

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