for this week, the rnc is on the tv.  it’s only fair.  the last one i watched from the street outside the convention center, so this one is a little different.  i feel like there isn’t as urgent a need for me to be out there, marching my feet to a bleed and yelling my horseness.  mostly because everyone now is saying with inside voices what i so greatly needed to yell four years ago.  and that, i think, is progress.  or maybe i’m just looking in the right places for my own mental well-being and am ignoring all of those outlets that regularly make a point of infuriating me.

so, for now, i will sit on my throne and think of the future.  and i will think of science and the long history of animal/human triumph that has led from where life started to where i sit right now.  there is an obvious lineage.

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2 Responses to fair:balanced

  1. sarah carter says:

    dood. those butts are crazy!

  2. apheckel says:

    I KNOW, RIGHT? that dude looks so comfortable. i don’t think i would ever get up if i had a butt like that. in fact, it would probably be pretty difficult to get up, like having an inflatable donut hot-glued to your butt.

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