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some of you had questions about the last picture i posted.  let me explain – as a child/preteen/teenager, i regularly partook in the aztec secret indian healing clay facial.  as a result, i had surprisingly soft and zit-free skin as a child/preteen/teenager.  in fact, much better skin than i currently have as a grown-ass woman.  so i decided the difference, since i moved out of my parents’ house, is that i haven’t been doing facials nearly as much.  and weaver street market carries the goods, so i decided to remedy the situation.  so there you have it.

anyway, the point of this post is gum.  my company has a partnership with wrigley’s, who apparently comes out with ridiculous amounts/varieties of gum.  and then they send it all to us.  so far we have the following varieties.

in order of deliciousness it goes:  1.  orbit white bubblemint; 2.  wrigley’s 5 cobalt; 3.  wrigley’s 5 rain.  we got 4 full cases of bubblemint back in march.  we’ve been chewing (each of the 4 workers in my office) a big-e-pak (60 pieces) every 3 or 4 days since then.  and we still have two full cases left.  my jaw feels very defined.  then, in june, they shipped us 5 cases of rain flavored gum.  it is secretly spearmint.  it’s pretty gross.  then, today, they shipped us 4 cases of cobalt flavored gum.  it is peppermint, and it tastes pretty good, but pretty standard.  i’m not a fan overall of wrigley’s 5 brand gum, but we have a ton of it.  the point is that you most likely will never need to buy another stick of gum if you ask me nicely and i can sneak some out of the office.

and for the record, i hate gum.

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3 Responses to change your look

  1. Natalie says:

    I not good at chewing gum.

    For one, if I talk with gum in my mouth, I think I sound like a pushy asshole. Like Fay, the otherwise nicotined, waitress that detests lollygaggers and jokers.

    For two, I have a problem keeping it in my mouth. Many times it will just straight up fall out. Not like I spit it out, nay, more like I have a palsied jaw and the gum just tumbled out of my mandible’s weak clutches.

    Hate gum.

  2. apheckel says:

    taking into account that each piece of gum has maybe 2 calories, i probably get about 1000 calories a day from gum. and with every chew, i think, “god, what a waste of chewing energy.”

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