cha ching

i impulse bought a delightful pair of shoes today at lunch.  well, i mean, i really liked them and i tried them on and immediately swooned over them and they are vegan and comfy and tall and shiny and red.  which is basically everything i’ve been looking for in a shoe for life.

i will go so far as to say that j-41 shoes are the best product chrysler has ever put on the market.

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4 Responses to cha ching

  1. Becky says:

    I must again write that I love these shoes. I wish I knew of these puppies before I bought my danskos for the foot problems I’ve been having. They are super, Alison, just super! Can’t wait to drool over them in person. I saw that they also carry them in a really beautiful green, aghhhgh.

  2. charlotte says:

    those are super tight.

  3. says:

    those are way cute!

  4. carol says:

    I also impulse bought a pair of shoes yesterday on my lunch break! Mine aren’t as fancy, their just your average cross-trainers. I ❤ your fancy red shoes 🙂

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